Species:  Rivulus insulaepinorum
Description: de la Cruz & Dubitsky, 1976
Etymology: Isle of Pines rivulus
References: Dr Lothar Seegers, Killifishes of the World: New World Killis, Aqualog Verlag pg 141

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  • "Isle of Pines rivulus"
  • Type Locality: Temporary pond, 3 Km north of Cayo Piedras, La Fe, Isla de Pinos
    Distribution: On the Isla de Pinos (Isle of Pines), SW of Cuba.
    Size: 6 cm
  • "Isla de Pines"
  • Breeding: Rivulus insuleapinorum prefer stained water and wont lay eggs well until the water is matured, almost dirty. The water can be treated with peat or add oak leaves to obtain this tea-stained colour. If weekly water changes are done,
    egg production stops. Soft water, slightly acidic pH from 6.0 - 6.5 is best.

    They attain adult size of approximately 6cm when about 10 months old.
    Incubation: The fry hatch out in about 10-14 days when incubated in water.
    Egg Diameter:  
    Contributors: David Baker
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    Rivulus insulaepinorum (AG Rivulus)
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